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Thermal Scanner Singapore

Looking for thermal scanner to conduct temperature screening at your premises? DIF Solutions provides sale and rental of our thermal imaging camera in Singapore. One of the important indicator of a person who is having a fever or generally ill, is the increase of his or her  body temperature. Thermal scanning is the ideal method to deduct people who are sick in places with a large flows of people. To achieve this, temperature at the inner corner of the eye is measured when scanning and allows the operator to quickly identify a person who has higher body temperature, and isolate that person for further testing.

Detect fever accurately in a large crowded and fast moving traffic premises with our thermal scanning technology. It’s in the interest of public health to identify infected persons in large groups of people early to prevent further spread of an infection. Thermal scanner are frequently used at facilities such as schools, airports, factories, office buildings, shopping malls, public transport interchange, sports stadiums… to prevent diseases from further spreading.


Temperature Scanning Machine Rental Singapore

Thermal Scanner for Sale Thermal Scanning Service
Looking for a long-term and cost effective solutions? Purchase a reliable thermal scanner with us and enjoy the following benefits:

  • 1 year warranty
  • Detect High Temperature Accurately
  • Easy to use
  • Repair Support
  • Immediate replacement (if machine is spoil)
Need a thermal scanner at your premises for a short period of time? Rent with us today and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Delivery and Set up
  • Detect High Temperature Accurately
  • Easy to use
  • On-site Operator
  • Immediate replacement (if machine is spoil)

Thermal Imager Scanner Rental

Affordable rental comes with the following:

  • Delivery and set up
  • 1 Thermal Imager Scanner on tripod stand
  • 1 Laptop with Software Program
  • Sound & Light Alarm with Auto Image Capture
  • Collection of equipment

Thermal Imager Scanner Rental Price

1st Day Rental Subsequent Day Rental Weekly Monthly
$450 $100 $800 $2000


  • 42 inch TV screen monitor on stand
  • Auto Hand Sanitiser Dispenser (includes 1L of hand sanitiser)
  • Additional Infrared Thermometer on Stand to confirm reading
  • Temperature Screening Station’s Operator (additional $20/hour | Minimum 2 hours per day)

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Fast Temperature Scanning Gate

DIF Solutions introduce our fast and effective temperature scanning gate to detect a person with high temperature in a fast moving traffic. Our model comes with a green and red signal that allows securities to stop and isolate an infection person who trigger the red signal. The scanner is unbelievably fast and accurate, preventing any form of human error and reducing cost by reducing on-site operators to detect using thermal scanning camera.

Sale and Rental available:

  • No stopping required
  • Sound and Red Light Alarm
  • Camera to capture image upon alarm (upgraded version)

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V2 Thermal Scanning Gate

V2 thermal scanning gate offers a state-of-the-art technology that is faster, and accurate thermal readings. With two thermal scanner of different height, this gate never miss scanning anyone who pass through. V2 thermal scanning gate also provides an in-built counter that counts the number people who pass through the gate, as well as the number of people with high-temperature. A sound alarm will be set-off for people who has a high temperature of 37.5 degree and above. Contact us to view our V2 Thermal Scanning Gate today!

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Fast Thermal Scanner Singapore

Thermal Scanning Gate Singapore


V1 Thermal Scanning Gate

V1 thermal scanning gate is a fast and accurate thermal scanner that is suitable for office buildings, shopping malls, schools or events. The thermal scanner height is adjustable to fit your needs, which makes it practical for premises that have visitors for both kids and adults in Singapore. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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Fast Temperature Screening Gate Singapore


Party and Event Management

If you are looking for a one-stop solutions to plan and manage your upcoming party or event with our equipment, DIF Solutions is proud to work with some of the best singapore party planner, party space singapore, carnival rental company and event planner in Singapore to offer our products for your party spaces or upcoming events. Feel free to contact our friendly sales assistant if you would like to know more about our products, and how it can help keep your event safe.