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Temperature Scanning Gate in Singapore

DIF Solutions introduce our new Temperature Scanning gate for sale and rental in Singapore! Unlike many other temperature scanner in the market, our technology is fast and accurate when it comes to detect a person with high temperature. Be one of the first to take advantage of the new temperature scanning gate in the market today!

Detect temperature in less than 1 second!

DIF V2 Temperature Scanning Gate is so fast that a person just have to stop under gate in less than a second, and the gate is able to detect the temperature accurately. This gate is especially suitable for high traffic area such as events, shopping malls, schools, public transport etc.

In response to various epidemic outbreaks, temperature scanner gate provides possibility to detect visitors who are having fever entering the premises. The dual high-performance infrared temperature sensor can automatically set off an alarm when a person with high temperatures pass by. With help of this automatic body temperature scanner, the risks of cross-infection of manual testing will be efficiently avoided.

V2 Temperature Scanning Gate

Fast Thermal Scanner Singapore


Why choose Temperature scanning gate?

  • Test result is accurate.
  • Fast temperature scanning.
  • Ensuring everyone temperature is detected.
  • Automatically sound alarm when detect high temperature.
  • Effective temperature measurement distance 0.5m.
  • Suitable for multiple scenarios.
  • Tally Counter Scanner (6 digits).
  • Professional looking gate.
  • Double infrared scanning .
  • Heavy-duty gate.
  • 1 year warranty.

Our V2 temperature scanning gate is available for sale and rental in Singapore! Our temperature scanning gate rental starts from just $20/day, contact our sales assistant today for more information.

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Tally Counter

V2 Temperature Scanner also comes with a Tally Counter Scanner of up to six digits! It is fast and automatically detect anyone who pass through the gate.


Full – 800mm (Length/Width) by 480mm (Breath) by 2200 (Height)
Inner – 700mm (Width) by 2000mm (Height)


Thermal Scanning Gate Singapore
Temperature Scanning Gate

Thermal Temperature Scanning Gate Singapore Temperature Scanning Gate Singapore


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