Our disinfection gate Singapore is suitable for premises with high traffic such as shopping malls, schools, childcare centre, office buildings, public transport terminals, children playground, amusement park etc. The disinfectant solution formula are proven to be harmless to the skin and safe even if accidentally consume. Please arrange an appointment with us for a FREE demo here.

Our disinfectant fogging gate has a human sensor that automatically starts when a person walk pass the machine, and stop when nobody walk pass the machine after a few seconds. This is to save electricity cost and disinfectant liquid as well.

Disinfection Fogging Gate

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Disinfection Gate for Sale Singapore

Disinfectant Gate for Hotel Singapore Disinfectant Fogging Gate Singapore

Disinfectant Gate for Sale Singapore


Everywhere in the world is preparing to use disinfectant tunnel for their building entrance to keep their premises safe and clean. What better way to let everyone to have a peace of mind when visiting your premises? DIF Solution can customise the type of disinfectant tunnel you want as well! Click here to find out more!

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Disinfection Spray Booth Tunnel

View the full list of disinfection spray booth tunnel we offer here.

What is Disinfectant Misting Gate?

Disinfectant Misting Gate is an entrance gate that produce disinfectant mist. It is applicable for premises with high and fast moving traffic such as office building, indoor children playground, schools, childcare centre, train stations, shopping malls, airport etc.

Do I need Disinfectant Gate?

Yes, if your location have high and fast moving traffic, disinfectant misting gate is a great way to keep everyone safe and have a peace of mind when entering your premises.

Is Disinfectant Misting Gate Safe?

Our disinfectant misting gate is safe and effective. Our disinfectant liquid solution used is safe for kids, oral safe and people with sensitive skins. Walking through the mist is also safe for the eyes and safe even if accidentally consume. The disinfectant liquid solution kills 99.9% germs and virus.

How does Disinfectant Misting Gate Works?

Our disinfectant misting gate has a on/off sensor on the machine. When nobody is walking through the gate, the disinfectant misting will stop. Simply walk through the gate for quick disinfecting, and stop under the gate for 3 seconds for thorough disinfecting.