Our DIF machines offer reliable fogging of disinfectants in wide area as well as tiny and hard-to-reach places. With the powerful ultra-fine misting, it can sanitise and disinfect quickly without direct surface contact.

Keep your place clean with our disinfectant fogging machine. Our ultra-fine misting solutions sanitise and disinfect quickly without direct surface contact, killing 99.99% of germs in a fast, reliable, effective and efficient way! No matter the size of your premises, our disinfectant machine misting solution save you time, money and energy!

Why choose our disinfectant machine?

  • Fast and Efficient
  • Effective Disinfecting
  • Cost Saving
  • Safe for Kids
  • Easy to use
  • Use for Disinfecting and Air Humidifier
  • Movable on wheels (No wire)
  • Portable (small in size)
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 1 year warranty

The difference between misting and fogging…

Misting normally produces droplets around 200 microns in size. Because of its size the droplet will drop to the floor relatively quickly and may cause wetness. High pressure fogging produces a droplet so fine (around 10 microns) that it is able to remain suspended in the air until it evaporates. Our disinfectant fogging machine can disinfect fast and effectively; especially those hard to reach areas and bacteria from cough and sneeze that stays alive in the air for up to 45 Minutes.

D.I.F 1 Disinfectant Fogging Machine

DIF Disinfectant Machine Singapore

Ultrasonic Wave Atomization 

Operates by converting high frequency sound waves into mechanical energy that is transferred into a liquid, creating standing waves. As the liquid exits the atomizing surface of the nozzle, it is broken into a fine mist of uniform micron sized droplets.

Unlike pressure nozzles, ultrasonic nozzles do not force liquids through a small orifice using high pressure in order to produce a spray. Liquid is fed through the center of a nozzle with a relatively large orifice, without pressure, and is atomized due to ultrasonic vibrations in the nozzle. 

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DIF 2 Disinfectant Fogging Machine

DIF 2 requires a standard 13amp powerpoint to run the machine, and it has an external timer control which allows user to set a fogging duration in a room, without the user having to be in the room during the fogging process. This machine also has a 2 way disinfectant liquid top-up, which you can now choose to use use a direct suction pipe so that user do not have to risk spilling the liquid when pouring it into the machine. The fogging adjustment control save the user time and money by discharging high volume of fog in bigger rooms, and low volume of fog for smaller rooms.

Disinfectant Fogger Machine Singapore

DIF 2 – Disinfectant Fogging Machine

  • Electric (require a standard 13amp powerpoint)
  • Water Resistant
  • Massive output volume
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • External timing adjustment control
  • Fogging Adjustment Control
  • 2 ways disinfectant liquid top-up (pour from top, direct suction pipe from bottle)
  • Easy discharge of un-used liquid
  • Small, Lightweight and Portable
  • Quiet Fogging Solution
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DIF 3 Disinfectant Misting Machine

DIF 3 Disinfectant Misting Machine is small in size which can be carried around by hand. This is applicable for car cleaning industry and small premises! DIF 3 is a also lightweight, and powered using the standard 13 amp powerpoint. Our latest model also comes with an upgraded spray control handle that is able to make adjustment to the wind speed  of the mist, and prevents the heat of the machine from hurting your hand.


Cheap Hand Held Disinfectant Misting Machine
Hand-Held Disinfectant Fogging Machine
  • Disinfection hand-held misting spray machine
  • Light-weight and Portable
  • Upgraded Easy Grip Handle with Misting Adjustment Control
  • Electric (require a standard 13amp powerpoint)
  • Wire Length: 5m
  • Effective range: 3-8 Meter
  • Motor: 220V
  • Power: 600-1000W
  • Tank capacity: 5L
  • Weight: 2.35kg
  • Dimension: 490mm x 240mm x 320mm (Host Length: 700mm)
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DIF 4 Disinfectant Fogging Machine

DIF 4 is the best commercial disinfectant fogging machine we offer till date! If you are disinfectant a large area, walkways with no powerpoint or even small rooms, Dif 4 is the disinfectant machine you need! Other than the professional look, Dif 4 is powerful and operate with dual fan for fast and effective disinfecting. Dif 4 is also cheaper than our old model (Dif 1) as well! The price comes with the machine, 3 interchangeable tubes, delivery and a 1 year warranty!

Dif 4 Disinfectant Fogging Machine in Singapore

DIF 4 – Disinfectant Fogging Machine

  • Battery Operated with indicator (Able to charge while using)
  • Water Resistant
  • Powered by Dual Fan
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Fast and Effective Fogging
  • 14L Water Tank
  • Safety Power Cap
  • Interchangeable Tube
  • Long Tube (for high ceiling), Short Tube (for small rooms), Flexible Tube (for moving while disinfecting)
  • Small and Movable on Wheels
  • Quiet Fogging Solution
  • 1 year warranty
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Frequently Asked Questions:

How many types of disinfectant do you carry? 

Currently, we carry 1 type of disinfectant. Brand name “Spick”. You can request a lab test report from us.

Can the disinfectant be sprayed on the human body with exposed skin, eyes and mouth?

Can be in touch with skin. Our disinfectant is successfully completed oral toxicity tests at TÜV SÜD PSB and was determined to be safe when accidentally consumed. The product is pre-mix ready to use, therefore there is no need to dilute further. If spraying on the body approximately 1-2 spray will do.

Any real life application for spraying your disinfectant on the human body?

This product is used by couples of childcare and schools in Singapore. There are different ways you can use our disinfectant such as wiping of household items with a cloth or mop, misting with our disinfectant machine and misting entrance gate for high traffic locations.

Do you have a Safety data sheet for reference?

Yes, we do. Please request from our sales assistant.

How is the disinfectant gate being used?

Stand under the gate for 3 seconds and let the fog contact your body. It is recommended to close your eyes while standing under the gate.

What disinfectant liquid are you using for the machine and is it safe for usage?

We are official reseller of SPICK disinfectant liquid. We do not mark up the price. Yes, it is child-safe for usage. Our disinfectant is successfully completed oral toxicity tests at TÜV SÜD PSB and was determined to be safe even when accidentally consumed. Our machines is applicable for disinfect clothing, children playground, offices, schools, hotels, shopping malls etc. Lab Test results can be provided as well.

What chemical are we using?

The active ingredient we use in our chemical is hypochlorous acid (HOCI-) from sodium hypochlorite. This used widely for skin cleanser purposes, working exceptionally well for individuals with sensitive skin or those with occasional eczema flareups. US Federal Regulations (CFR Title 21 Vol. 3)permit its use for food processing equipment. Our proprietary formula is generally proven harmless to skin. Interaction between the stabilizers sodium hypochlorite, significantly reduce such effects.

Can we spray on electronic items?

First, make sure your electronics are switched off. Fogging from afar on your electronics items to disinfect it and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Do not disinfect too close to your non-water resistant electronics (as misting still produces water).

How much if I were to repurchase the SPRICK liquid from you again?

It is at $60 for a 5L bottle and $180 for a 25L bottle + delivery ($10). Disinfectant concentrate is at $99/5L bottle. We can do a discounted package rate for bulk purchases.

What is the difference between your SPICK liquid and normal liquid like Dettol?

Our liquid is child-safe, non toxic and safe when accidentally consumed. We would suggest to use our disinfectant liquid to ensure effectiveness in disinfecting of germs and at the same time, without jeopardising the health of others at your workplace.