Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

DIF Solutions introduce our new automatic hand sanitizer dispenser stand that is perfect for all types of premises in Singapore. This stand is applicable for shopping malls, restaurants, events, retail, office, airport and many more. Place your branding on our auto hand sanitizer dispenser stand, and gives a peace of mind to anyone who is entering your premises today!

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser on Stand

$250/stand (up to: $350)

Price is inclusive of:

  • Delivery and Set up
  • Hand Sanitizer Dispenser (Auto-Sensor)
  • Black Metal Stand
  • 1 set of batteries
  • 500ml Spick Hand Sanitizer
  • 1-1 exchange policy (within 7 days)
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*Reimburse up to 90% of the total invoice amount of Automated Hand Sanitiser and Disinfectant Liquid for childcare centre / preschool, EIPIC or PPIP centres under ECDA Covid-Safe Preschool Fund. Please read the Covid-Safe Preschool Fund for more details.



Unlike many, our hand sanitizer works with our non-alcohol sanitizing liquid that doesn’t “stuck” when dispensing and does not have the “sticky feeling” you get when sanitizing your hand. Our formula is effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses (including the recent coronavirus). Keep everyone clean and safe at your premise today!